Unified Customer Portal and EIPP 


Providing a platform for credit control, claim management and make payment digitally.


With over 1100 exclusive stores spread across 380+ cities, Raymond, a diversified group with majority business, have the patronage of over a billion consumers. The brand has been consistently delivering world-class quality products to its consumers since the past nine decades.


 With high customer base and the requirement of human intervention, Raymond lacked full visibility at the lifestyle level to mitigate the risk.

 Maintaining mapping of customers across multiple lines of business was a key challenge

 Due to manual processing, customers had to reach out to ASM/RSM’s for raising claims and constantly follow up for status. 

 Adjustment of CNs across multiple buyer codes for the same business division

 Dealers/Distributors were unable to view outstanding in real-time

 Manual efforts were put to understand the payment made before knocking off the entry in the ERP


Global PayEx proposed a multitiered Unified Digital Platform (UDP) with a front-end responsive web portal that would automate subsequent business processes and present data in a consolidated manner. 

The solution offered to Raymond:

 Customer Onboarding & Management (COM Module) automated the process of customer onboarding and helped maintain a mapping between business entities. 

 Credit Monitoring & Control (CMC Module) presented consolidated views of customers across multiple lines of business. 

 Claims Monitoring & Management (CMM module) automated the process of raising and processing of claims. 

 Monitoring mechanism facilitated transparency of the claim handling procedures.

 Freepay automated presentation of payments eliminating the manual efforts and errors. 

 Payment through Freepay automatically reconciled back at the ERP. A real-time view of the customer ledger of pending and overdue documents was made accessible. 

 Freepay provided automated email, SMS reminders, in-app notifications for all the new, due and overdue invoices

 The live dashboard enabled live view of  outstanding obligations and payments made by customers


Freepay built solutions that helped the client in the digital transformation and automate the current challenges, saving valuable time for the internal team. Leveraging freepay not only improved the process of existing receivables but also set up a platform to expand and get potential customers with a comprehensive customer experience offered.

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